Thats Need to Know About Constellations

Astronomy Science ~ Here are some facts about the constellation : 1 . A simple definition of the constellation is a group of stars that f...

Astronomy Science ~ Here are some facts about the constellation:

1. A simple definition of the constellation is a group of stars that forms a pattern in the night sky.

2. The official definition of a constellation of stars is an area of ​​the sky boundaries that have been set, all the stars and other objects that are within these limits is considered as part of the constellation.

3. There are 88 constellations officially recognized by the International Astronomical Union.

4. Some constellations only visible in the northern hemisphere, while others are only visible in the southern hemisphere.

5. constellations visible in both hemispheres may appear reversed in the southern hemisphere.

6. Some constellations can be seen throughout the year but mostly seasonal and can only be seen at certain times of the year.

7. Nebula and distant galaxies also form part of the constellations.

8. Asterisms is a group of stars that form a pattern but are actually part of one or several constellation, the Big Dipper is the most famous example of asterism.

9. Sun is the only star known in our galaxy that are not part of the constellation.

10. Here are the 88 constellations:

Andromeda (Princess Andromeda), Antlia (water pump), Apus (paradise), Aquarius (water bearer), Aquila (eagle), Ara (altar), Aries (ram), Auriga (sais chariots), Bo├Âtes (herders) , Caelum (chisel), Camelopardalis (giraffe) Cancer (crab), Canes Venatici (hunting dogs), Canis Major (the big dog), Canis Minor (small dog), Capricorn (goat sea), Carina (keel boat Argo) , Cassiopeia (queen of Ethiopia), Centaurus (the Centaur), Cepheus (the king of Ethiopia), Cetus (whale), Chamaeleon (chameleon), Circinus (compass), Columba (dove), Coma Berenices (hair Berenice), Corona Australis (the south crown), Corona Borealis (the crown of the north), Corvus (the crow), Crater (cup), Crux (Southern Cross), Cygnus (swan) Delphinus (dolphin), Dorado (the Swordfish), Draco (dragon) Equuleus (small horse) Eridanus (the river), Fornax (the furnace), Gemini (twins), Grus (stork), Hercules (Hercules, son of Zeus), Horologium (hour), Hydra (sea dragon), Hydrus (snake water), Indus ( Indian), Lacerta (lizard), Leo (lion), Leo Minor (small lion), Lepus (rabbit), Libra (the scales), lupus (wolf), Lynx (lynx) Lyra (a type of lute), Mensa (table), Microscopium (microscope), Monoceros (unicorn), Musca (flies), Norma (scales), flat octans (octane), Ophiuchus (hand of dragon), Orion (the hunter), Pavo (peacock), Pegasus (winged horse), Perseus (Perseus), Phoenix (Phoenix), Pictor (horses), Pisces (fishes), Piscis Austrinus (south fish), Puppis (the stern of the ship Argo) Pyxis (the compass ship Argo), reticulum (net), Sagitta (arrow ), Sagittarius (archer), Scorpius (the scorpion), Sculptor (tool carver), Scutum (shield), Serpens (the serpent), Sextans (the sextant), Taurus (bull), Telescopium (telescope), Triangulum (triangles), Triangulum australe (triangle south), Tucana (Tukan birds), Ursa Major (the Great Bear), Ursa Minor (little bear), Vela (sail Argo), Virgo (the virgin), Volans (Flying Fish), Vulpecula (fox).

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AstroNation: Thats Need to Know About Constellations
Thats Need to Know About Constellations
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